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MASSIVE REJECTION! From Failure To Success Stories by Nicholas Gomez & Whisperer Robren eTalk. 27 OCT. 5:30pm-7:00pm (HK time)

1st Enrollment is FREE per organization (priced US$100)

The Robren Show: Unique, 'Non-Traditional' ideas to employer branding, marketing, PR stunts and HR!

Learn How to be a FEARLESS spirit, transform fear into power, be bold, REPULSE massive rejection, toxic people and "Daji" 狐狸精 scammers (especially for Senior Directors, Front-line Sales & Customer Service Professionals), and ATTRACT mentors, partners, and a soulmate.

● Most studies show the vast majority of sales are made after the 5th call to the same customer. 1 in 10 salesperson keep on calling, and they wind up with 80% of the sales.

As "The Father of Asian FireWalking", if Robren can teach you how to walk on 650C fire barefooted, he can take your team to new, unimaginable peak performance.


"Confessions of an Auto Man."

From Naza GM to Proton Salesman, after 1,800+ job applications ended in REJECTION!

The Robren Show is doing an exclusive online interview with Nicholas Gomez, regarding his recent LinkedIn story about being jobless and becoming a humble Proton Car Salesman after a high-powered auto industry career which included being a General Manager, Business Development at a local auto distributor.

He applied to over 1,800 companies in a span of nearly 24 months. A ridiculous figure! How could this happen?

Out of desperation, he even went knocking door-to-door in the biggest shopping malls, and office blocks, to ask for work.

This is a man who has handled MASSIVE REJECTION – which is one of the Key Principles of Success and The Law of Repulsion. And he got only five interviews!

Nick advises “never look back in anger…”

His viral LinkedIn article gathered 678 reactions, 65 comments, and over 20,000 views within a week. We felt that he had a great heart-felt story to share. Too many Asian & Western Professionals are too ashamed to admit openly their predicament in probably the worst crisis in their lives.

NOTE: Together Nicholas & Whisperer Robren will share their untold, inspiring, massive rejection, Failure & Success Stories. Robren has also faced significant, somewhat shameful periods of poverty, where he had to work as a Waiter and slept on a 3-foot single bed during his first year of marriage in Hong Kong.

Legend has it that Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before finally getting financing for his dream of creating Walt Disney World. It has also been said that KFC founder Colonel Sanders was rejected 1009 times before finding a taker for his chicken recipe. Steve Jobs got fired from Apple, he revealed “getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.”

Confessions of an Auto Man – Covid-19 Recovery Episode, promises to be ‘juicy’, almost like a ‘video memoir’ if you will.

It will cover quite a few key topics such PR, Corporate Communication, Content Writing, Product Planning, Consumer Marketing, Network Dealership, After Sales, Safety, MRO, Diesels, PowerGens, Anger Management, and it will even tackle the elephant in the room - Technician Thefts (inventory loss), workplace bullying and modern ways to deal with it.

During this tough Covid-19 times, if you are going through feelings of imposter syndrome, of being a failure, or you feel guilty, helpless, depressed, with self-doubt, or are in deep denial, be inspired that you are not alone in your struggles. It’s OK to raise a ‘white flag’ to get help or moral support from others.

Anyone from a green, unemployed UGrad, Recruiter, CEO, CHRO, CMO, C-Level Director, Head of Sales, your entire sales & service team, or even a jilted Lover will find this amazingly insightful.

#StayInspired Covid-19 Recovery Episode


The best answer to anger is silence."
A German proverb


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1st Enrollment is FREE per org (US$100). REGISTER↓

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3 Reasons why CEOs, Celebrities and Top Brands rely on Whisperer Robren:


"Poverty is the biggest humbler and karmic life lesson you will face.
Pride, on the other hand, is the biggest fall you will experience.
Being poor with integrity is much better than being rich and arrogant with no ethics."

~ Robren, The Creator of Robren eTalks: Proven ideas to change your life and make you money!

1. “CEO-Celebrity Whisperer”.
He has helped and trained over 250,000 students as an international keynote speaker, an in-house corporate trainer, a prolific Writer, and a YouTuber. He has 42 years of expertise. He spent over $100 million on creating marketing and A&P budgets while working as a Copywriter for 2 top ad agencies, Leo Burnett Hong Kong and Wunderman Thompson.

2. “The Father of Asian FireWalking”. If he can train you how to walk on 650⁰C, you can trust him to help you to forever change your life and your organization. He is an NLP Master Practitioner and a US-Certified FranklinCovey Trainer for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

3. Robren is Asia’s #1 Change Expert. His clients include Fortune 500 corporations and Top Brands such as Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Jockey Club, CLP Power Hong Kong, Public Bank, CIMB Bank, Genting, Tabung Haji, Tenaga Nasional, and over 300 CEOs in Malaysia’s Silicon Valley. He has been widely featured in the media such as TVB, AWSJ, CNBC, SCMP, The Star, and Sin Chew. He cheated death 5 times because he believes that obeying the universal laws of metaphysics, karma, spirituality and integrity have protected and guided him throughout his life, since he was 7 years old. He is an international advocate for scam-free business and cult-free living.

In summary, Robren is is the CEO & Celebrity Whisperer. He will take you to places you never imagine is possible.

10 years from now, you will realize that using Robren's Game Changers was the single most important decision you have ever made.
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