Shugo Chara

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What Is Shugo Chara.?

Shugo Chara is a Shojo manga created by Peach-pit. The story is told over 12 volumes each one being more of a chapter than a book as they all focus on a new point in the story each time. Our main character of the series is called Amu, who through out the story has these small people called Shugo Charas (Ran, Miki and Su) who try to help her realise what her true self is which she hides from the rest of the world.

Who are the characters?


Amu is the main character of Shugo Chara. Through out the story she is trying to find her true self after managing to create herself a tough Image, when she is actually a lot softer, at the start of the series. As a result of this she obtains Three (One more later on in the series) things called Shugo Charas which each represent something she wants to be. Along with Shugo Charas Amu gains various magical powers, one of them being Chara transformations, which allow her to transform into different characters using the power of her Charas. Through out the series she makes various friends and enemies who also have Charas.

Amu's Shugo Chara

The Guardians

The Guardians are the student council of Seiyo Academy to protect the students and the school, and secretly keep the children's heart's eggs safe and preserve them while fighting against Easter. The guardians hold secret meetings at school in a place called the royal garden, were they discuss plans from school work to Easter

Each of the member of the Guardians has at least one Shugo Chara to grant them special powers in tight situations.

This organization was founded by Seiyo Academy's principal, who is named Tsukasa Amakawa - also known as the Founding King.


The Easter Company is a powerful composite enterprise of banking, food, entertainment, etc., who are actually attempting to find the legendary egg. The Director Kazumio Hoshina tries to get the Embryo to Gozen, and for that purpose uses Ikuto and Utau Tsukiyomi , but Utau leaves Easter after the battle with the Guardians in Chapter 42, with Ikuto leaving later on. The Guardians are their enemies until they overcome their issues together.

Redesigned Book Cover

In total There are 12 Different book covers for Shugo Chara, that's a lot of book covers to redesign, so I decide to make a book cover if all the books in the series were in one book.

To do this I used Photoshop. For the book cover I decide to put all three of Amu's transformations on ,because that is what half the series is about after all, I also used the Japanese title instead of the English because I personally think it looks a lot nicer.

Character Collages

A group of collages that represent different characters and events in Shugo Chara.

Why should i read this book?

First of all Shugo Chara is a manga, a Japanese comic, so if you have something against manga then you may not want to read it. However, if you do enjoy manga then that's great because Shugo Chara has some of the best Shojo artwork I have seen in manga.

Aside from the artwork Shugo Chara follows it's plot and does not drag on as much as some manga (cough cough Naruto) making it easy to read over twelve volumes, but still managing to get bonus stories and events in. Another great reason to read this book is that out of the vast range of characters at least one of them is a character you can relate to. As well as being able to relate with characters, we also learn a lot about each characters back story, emotions and things that happened in the past, making all the characters very deep and understandable ones. Finally Shugo Chara offers a wide range of moods throughout the series, it has a nice balance of series, funny and romantic moments making it enjoyable for all most every reader.

Well I hope this has helped to make up your mind on weather or not you are going to read Shugo Chara