♥ Team In Love With Team Believe ♥

Wishing You A Very Happy Holidays!

With a grateful heart ♥

I want to thank you all for being a part of the Origami Owl Family! To be a force for good and to share stories of love, laughter, family, cherished things and more. Each of you are very much a part of the specialness that surrounds this team and all the goodness we want to bring to those we touch.

May 2013 bring you rich blessings of memories and 2014 bring you even richer blessing of all that is to come. For some of you I see and talk to often and others I have yet to have that wonderful privilege but know that I am truly grateful for you.

Sending you the love, hugs and blessings of the Miller Home,

Rosalyn Lesa Miller & Taylor Ann Miller ♥

Rosalyn Lesa Miller

Owlways there for you,

Senior Team Leader