Welcome to the City of Lumberton

Welcome to the County of Robeson

Background Info

Robeson County is located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. The County seat is Lumberton City. The County of Robeson was established in 1787 and was named after a colonist by the name of Thomas Robeson. Thomas Robeson and 70 other patriots helped defeat a army of loyalist at the Battle of Elizabethtown.

Awesome Tourist Attractions

Goverment in Lumberton

Lumberton has 8 Board of commissioners. The County Manager is Ricky Harris. The type of government in Lumberton reminds you of the US government. You elect an official that stays in office for 4 years. That follows the same path.

Lumberton City

Lumberton City is mostly known for the beautiful historic features like rivers, camp grounds, and restaurants. Tourist tend to go canoeing a lot down the rivers.

Nearby Counties

There are 8 surrounding counties around Robeson County. Cumberland (NC), Bladen (NC), Columbus (NC), Horry (NC), Dillion (NC), Scotland (SC), Hoke (SC).