Modeling in Reading & Writing

Jamie Florack

Modeling Reading

The key when modeling is to explicitly state why students should use a specific strategy, as well as when and how. Two reading strategies include the think-aloud and the summarization strategy (or paragraph restatement). Teachers should remember to scaffold instruction as needed, and use positive self-talk; students will hopefully pick up on that habit.

Support students with a learning disability through the use of cueing, rehearsal, and strategy training.

Modeling Writing

The Self-Regulated Strategy Development Model (SRSD), graphic organizers, the STOP strategy (Suspend Judgment, Take a Side, Organize Ideas, and Plan as you write), and self-reinforcement are a few ideas for teachers to use as modeling strategies in the classroom for writing. Explicit modeling is, again, extremely important; students may not benefit from modeling if it is not clear and straightforward.
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Discussion Questions

- What is one example of a reading modeling strategy and one writing modeling strategy?

- What is a way you have seen modeling used during reading and writing instruction throughout your education?

- What do you think is the value of modeling in reading and writing instruction?

Article Authors

Kelly Regan and Sheri Berekely were the minds behind Effective Reading and Writing Instruction: A Focus on Modeling.