Woodlawn Early Years School

End of June Newsletter

Message from the Principals

As this challenging school year comes to a close, we want to take some time to thank some groups of people who helped us get through it.

First of all, thank you to all the parents for your support and words of encouragement. None of us ever expected that in March students would be learning remotely from home and your support through all of this has been amazing.

A big thank you goes out to our secretaries, Mrs. Penner and Mrs. Thiessen. They have been the ones keeping up with all of the notifications, schedules, iPads etc. and they have done it all with a smile. They keep our school running smoothly even when things are challenging and we are truly thankful to have them here.

Thank you to our teachers who have continued to adapt and make sure that their students were taken care of - academically and socially. They continued to connect with their students to maintain the relationships they have built. They did an excellent job providing remote learning opportunities for their students and we are very grateful to work with such a dedicated group of professionals.

Thank you to Mrs. Loewen in the library. She has been working hard cleaning and organizing the library. Thanks to Mr. Wolfe for working hard to keep our school clean. Thanks to all of the EAs. We know that for many of you the year ended early. Thanks for the care you give our kids.

Goodbyes are never easy and we are sad to see some of you go. To all of the grade 4s we wish you wonderful, new adventures in middle school. To students and their families who are moving or leaving Woodlawn, you will be missed. Mrs. Pam Barkman, Ms. Rachael Neal, and Mrs. Claire Neufeld are leaving us at the end of this school year to pursue teaching opportunities elsewhere. We will miss you and we thank you for everything you have done for Woodlawn. We wish you all the best in your new teaching assignments.

Have a great summer. Be safe, play hard, and explore!

Karen Fraser & Tara Reimer

Meet Your Teacher Night

Woodlawn School is excited to welcome back students at our Meet Your Teacher event.

To help students transition into their new year, Meet Your Teacher will take place on Tuesday, September 8 (the day before school begins). Students and their parents will come and meet the teacher and check out their new classroom. Parents will also receive class outlines and information.

More information regarding times and appointments will be sent out in late August.

We hope to see you all there!

Daily Routine - 2020-2021

Please take note of the daily routine for the 2020-2021 school year.

The two nutrition/activity breaks of 50 minutes allow time for eating and activity in both the morning and afternoon. Nutrition breaks provide 25 minutes for eating and 25 minutes for activity.

9:05 - 11:05 Learning Block 1

11:05 - 11:55 Nutrition and Activity Break

11:55 - 1:10 Learning Block 2

1:10 - 2:00 Activity and Nutrition Break

2:00 - 3:45 Learning Block 3

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either Karen Fraser or Tara Reimer.


Dear Parents,

As noted in our last newsletter, all classes will be collecting school supply fees instead of providing school supply lists. Please see the following fees/extras for each grade group. These fees should be paid on the Parent Portal.


  • $30 School Supply Fee
  • Running Shoes
  • 1 Box of Kleenex

Grade 1:

  • $30 School Supply Fee
  • $5 Agenda Fee
  • Running Shoes
  • 1 Box of Kleenex

Grade 2:

  • $30 School Supply Fee
  • Running Shoes
  • 1 pair of over-the head - headphones (will be returned at the end of the year)
  • 1 Box of Kleenex
  • 1 Pencil Box (only for 2MF and 2G - will be returned at the end of they year)
  • 1 Shoe Box (only for 2G)

Grade 3:

  • $30 School Supply Fee
  • $5 Agenda Fee
  • Running Shoes
  • 1 Box of Kleenex
  • 1 Pencil Box (only for 3T - will be returned at the end of the year)
  • 1 Set of Ear Buds (only for 3T - will be returned at the end of the year)

Grade 3/4 Combined Classes:

  • $30 School Supply Fee
  • $5 Agenda Fee
  • Running Shoes
  • 1 Set of Ear Buds (will be returned at the end of the year)
  • 1 Box of Kleenex

Grade 4:

  • $30 School Supply Fee
  • $5 Agenda Fee
  • Running Shoes
  • 1 Set of Ear Buds (will be returned at the end of the year)
  • 1 Box of Kleenex

Hanover School Division Note:

Reminder to families who are moving/changing locations during the summer months to please contact the Transportation office at 204-320-2347.

The transportation office is open all summer long.



On Wednesday, September 9 there will be an early dismissal at 3:15 pm for all non bus students.

All bus students are asked to stay in school for the regular dismissal. Due to our large number of bus students, all teachers will be involved in helping students locate bus lines.


At the end of August / beginning of September, please check the Hanover School Division website for updates on the urban bus schedule. Website: HSD.ca - go to Schools and Department - then Transportation - Urban Bus Routes - then click on the appropriate map to view routes.

If you move during the summer please notify the Hanover School Division transportation office at 204-320-2347. The transportation office is open all summer.

The Woodlawn School office closes on Tuesday, June 30 at 4:00.

A Special Wish From Us!

The staff at Woodlawn School would like to wish all students and their families a safe summer holiday!


Strong Connections Program at Woodlawn For Grades 1-4

(Kindergarten classes will take place as usual.)

September 18 and 21, 2020!

Strong Connections will take place once again at Woodlawn School. This program has been implemented for several years now in Hanover School Division. Strong Connections is a program designed to build the relationships between teachers and their students as well as enhance the beginning of the year assessment of each child. Strong Connections activities are designed to help us get to know our students and how they learn in order to know where to begin with instruction. This provides an opportunity for teachers to extend and

consolidate their understanding of each child through one to one interview/assessment times. This will facilitate teachers in planning for instruction that will effectively address learning needs early in the year.

What will teachers learn through Strong Connections?

Teachers working individually with their students in an atmosphere of support and

encouragement have an opportunity to collect first hand information about such things as:

· How they learn

· Their confidence as learners

· The learning strategies they possess

· Their reading, writing and mathematical skills

· Their approach to problem solving

· Their attitudes toward school and learning

· Their ability to reflect upon and set goals for their learning

How will it work?

On either September 18 or 21, 2020, students will attend school one day out of two. With half of the students present, homeroom teachers will have the opportunity to meet one on one with each student to participate in relationship building activities and assessment which revolves around literacy and numeracy. This is an opportunity for teachers to gather information about each child’s learning that may not be evident during whole class instruction. It is also an opportunity to further develop the teacher-student relationship. While some students are with the teacher, others will be participating in a variety of stations which include music, physical education, literacy, technology, art, and character building.

During these days, there will be no regularly scheduled classes for students. Students will arrive at school in their normal manner (bus or other) for their scheduled day. Parents will be notified during the first week of school as to when their child’s scheduled Strong Connections day will be.

We look forward to using these days to provide us with a deeper understanding of each student. More information will be sent out in August including which day your child is scheduled to attend.

Looking for something to do locally this summer? Check out these links!

Jake Epp Library Special Summer Membership

For families who do not have a membership and do not live within Steinbach city limits, we are offering a special summer membership. From June 15 through August 31, the cost of a summer library membership is only $20. The entire family may use the library during this time. At the end of the summer, the household may choose to continue using the library by paying the remaining balance of the year's membership. The RM's Hanover and Ste. Anne offer partial rebates to their residents.