Book 19-20

Kacie & Kila


Eurycleia: Oldest and most trusted maids in Odysseus's house and realizes Odysseus's true identity on her own.

Odysseus: Still a beggar testing everyone he can(suitors and maids). He proves he is himself by shooting the bow that none of the suitors could even bend, therefore proving it was him all along.

Penelope: Wife of Odysseus and Mother of Telemachus. She has had so many suitors try to become her husband. She doesn't want to marry any of them so she stalls for time in hope she can never get married to any of them.

Suitors: A group of men that have been hanging around Penelope and Odysseus's house for years eating and drinking everything they have. Due to the belief of Odysseus's death they wanted to marry Penelope.

Telemachus: The one to tell the maids to put the weapons in the armory to unarm the suitors when they plan to strike them.

Theme and Quotes

Theme: Pay attention to omens.

--- It was major because there's so many and they are all different.

Number One Example: With suitors planning to kill Telemachus.

Quote: "Now for Telemachus the suitors had been plotting death and doom. But toward them, on the left, a bird came flying, a soaring eagle, clutching a timid dove." -- The eagle and dove represent that Odysseus will save his son from their evil plans.

Number Two Example: The dream Penelope had.

Quote: "I have twenty geese about the palace who pick up corn out of the water, and I amuse myself with watching them. But from the mountain came a great hook-beaked eagle and broke the necks of all and killed my geese.". -- Her dream meant he was coming home to kill the suitors.