Name of Career

Your Name

Job Description

think about a "typical day; what do you do? what are the responsibilities?

Working Condition

on your feet? at a desk? travel? labwork? regular hours?on-call? stress? with people? alone?

Personal Characteristics

what kind of person does well in this job? (use adjectives - patient, observant, curious, etc.)

Earnings & Job Outlook

salary, vacations, flexibility, training; how hard is it to find work? are you restricted to "big city" vs "small city"? is there advancement?

Training & Education Requirements

2 years, 4 years, 6-12 years of schooling/training? special tests or licenses?

Works Cited

O* Net Online -

Career Cruising -

American Association of Family & Consumer Science - AAFCS -

minimum of 3 sources required

Education Spotlight

Find 2-4 institutes/colleges/universities/technical schools/training programs that offer a program of study for this profession (be sure to identify the location of schools; use live links to link to their websites)