Jynine Caldwell

The 411: What you Might Want to Know

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My Leadership Strengths

  • Lover of Learning - i love to embrace new challenges and to learn all that I can
  • Driven- I have a "go getter" spirit and I am constantly seeking to accomplish the next goal
  • Diligent- I will put in the extra hours to get the job done and do it well
  • Analytical- I am detail oriented and I a deep thinker
  • Artistic and Creative- I am always thinking of new and creative ideas
  • Articulate- As a presenter and as a writer, I can clearly express my thoughts in a way that is simple for others to understand
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My Areas of Growth

  • Seeking more experience in the areas of School Improvement and Campus/Department Leadership
  • Accountability- learning more about State Accountability as a whole
  • Strengthening my leadership skills in order to successfully lead teams in the future
  • Knowledge of all Data Protocols- Becoming an expert in Data Driven Instruction
  • Learning more about the Superintendency/the role of Assistant Superintendents
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Important Things to Know About Me

  • I am very coachable and receptive to feedback
  • I seek opportunities to take on challenges/extra assignments in order to learn and grow
  • I aspire to become a District leader of some kind, so I want to learn all I can about School Improvement (anything you are willing to teach me)
  • I am highly reflective and constantly thinking about ways to improve my practice
  • My love languages are "Words of affirmation", but I do not always seek recognition or praise
  • I am humble and very strong in my faith (I give God credit for every blessing in my life)
  • I am skilled at building relationships (I love going the extra little mile to make someone else smile, hence the gift bags on the first day of school)
  • I am appreciative of every opportunity or project I am blessed to participate in and I will often say "thank you".
  • I am a bit nervous about how I will obtain the information needed to finish my dissertation and how I will pull it all together, but I know you and your former colleagues are going to be a great help! I just need to pray it all comes together!
  • I am a kind and empathetic person, who appreciates when people are kind to me.
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Thank you for all that you do to support, guide, and listen to us as you lead and mold us into the best versions of ourselves.


Jynine Caldwell