by Lilly


snow is soft.You can have a snow ball fight.Or build a snowman.
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snowmen are made of has 3snowballs on has snow all over it.
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Snowballs are snow in a ball. Snowballs are fun. They are made for snowball fights.
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trees in the snow

When it snows the trees loses there leaves. Here is a pic of a tree with no leaves.

Do not hit the tree when has a lot of snow on it.

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things to do in side on a snowy day.

You can drink hot co co. Its very warm and yummy. It keeps you warm on a snowy day.
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watch a Christmas movie

Watching a Christmas moive takes your mind off the snow. Its a good time to spend time with your family. If you make a fire on your fie place you can stay warm.
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They are yummy. They have two driffent shaps. They are red and white.
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Moms and Dads, listen! Christmas is coming. So hurry and get gifts. Tell your kids to make a list.
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Gloves keep your hands warm. They are fuzzy. I love gloves.