Cougar Tales

A Weekly News Update on Carolyn Lewis Elementary

Stacy DeFoor, Principal/Lead Learner

Carise Echols, Assistant Principal

August 16, 2019

Independence Monday!

It has been a great first week of school! We have enjoyed seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones. Beginning Monday, August 19th, we will be encouraging our students to walk to their hallways/classrooms independently (under the supervision of our teachers and staff). For our CLE parents and guardians, this means that you will not be permitted in the hallways without a visitor sticker being issued from the front office. This procedure aids in the protection of not only our students, but our school and staff as well. We appreciate your understanding and compliance.

Dismissal Reminders

Thank you to all of our CLE families and community partners for your patience as we have continued to establish our arrival and dismissal routines! We truly appreciate it.

As we continue into our next week, we have a few reminders that will improve the flow of traffic.

Morning Drop Off:

1). Please park in a designated parking spot and walk your child to the sidewalk/doors if:

a. he/she unable to get out of the car independently

b. he/she is unable to independently unbuckle safety harnesses

c. he/she has a school project and needs assistance carrying it

d. you need to talk to anyone in the front office

2). Please remember to pull through to the first cone so that more cars can load/unload behind you. Our teachers will assist in making sure that they safely walk to the cafeteria doors.

Afternoon Drop off:

1). Please leave the left lane clear for Kindergarten car rider families to pass around and through to the back of the school.

2). Please have your car rider tag visible. If you do not have a tag, please have your ID ready to show to our teacher on duty.

3). If you are waiting on an older sibling to arrive on the shuttle bus, please pull back around to the parking lot and park in a designated spot. Please DO NOT park along the curb.

4). When you pick up your child please pull into the grassy area, designated parking spot or area instructed by a school staff personnel if:

a. he/she needs assistance with their safety harness

b. you are waiting on another sibling/student

Parent Dining Room Closed until September 6th

If you are planning to eat lunch with your child, we ask that you please wait until Friday, September 6th, so that the lunch room rules and procedures can be learned. On the 6th, if you choose to eat with your child, we invite you to join them in our Parent Dining Room (located across from the cafeteria in the first room on the right in the 3rd/4th grade “green” hallway).

To make this experience safe and pleasurable for all, we ask that you review the following information:
1). You will need to have your ID to check into the front office and obtain a visitor’s sticker.
2). Please wait for your child in front of the cafeteria doors. Please DO NOT walk to the classroom or peek into the windows as this can cause a disruption in the learning that is occurring.
3). Please do not take any photographs or videos of any child(ren) other than your own.
4). Please adhere to the times that are listed on the board so that your child is able to participate in their physical activity time.
5). Please clean up your lunch space.
6). Please do not go onto the playground unless given specific permission from an administrator.
7). Please exit and check out through the front office.

We look forward to seeing you!

Gifted Services Referrals

Referrals for Gifted Services are now being accepted!

Students who show above average intelligence, creativity and/or task commitment, and are in grades 3-12, may be referred for evaluation. Students may be referred by teachers, parents, peers, themselves, or members of the community. All students referred will be evaluated and considered for placement upon receipt of parental permission to test.

Things to consider before referring a student:

● Is this student really above his/her peers, not just a good student?

● Have I had a continued conversation with my child’s teacher to share

ideas/concerns/opinions about possible consideration for placement?

● Can this student keep up in his/her regular class work while missing

class time to attend G.T. class and activities?

● Is this student an independent worker (our G.T./AP/Pre AP programs

require independent, advanced work. Students must be able to self-motivate while working in their area of they desire the extra opportunities?)

● Not all students in G.T. will have all A’s, and not all “All A” students will qualify for G.T services.

● A student can be “twice exceptional” meaning they can be low in one area and very high in another. These students should not be overlooked when referring for evaluation.

● Visit to complete a referral form.

If you have any further questions please contact Mrs. McClain at


CLE families, we want to remind you that community flyers can be accessed through Peachjar. You should be receiving emails weekly (check your SPAM or JUNK file if you are not) but you can also find the link on our school web page, or through the CPS app.

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