Vietnamese Immigrants in Minnesota

By Daniel Andrews

Push Factors

-One push factor is there bad economic and political situations.

-Also there was lots of war going on in Vietnam witch caused people to want to leave.

-Not many Job oppertunities.

Pull Factors

-Much more freedom and space.

-A good economy with better education and job opportunities.

-The U.S. is a country that let the vietnamese come in while some countries won't.

Ravenstein's Laws

Laws that vietnamese immigrants coming to Minnesota are doing.

  • Migrants traveling long distances usually settle in urban areas.
  1. They travel from Vietnam to Minnesota and they mostly settle in urban areas such as Minneapolis.

Laws that vietnamese immigrants coming to Minnesota aren't doing.

  • Each migration produces a movement in the opposite direction (counter flow).
  • Most migration is from rural to urban.
  1. There aren't many Americans moving to Vietnam.
  2. They are just traveling from urban to urban.

Location and Jobs


They mostly live in big cities such as Minneapolis, Rochester, St. Cloud, and Duluth.