My Beautiful Life

By Shamarie' Siller

what I do for fun

What I do for fun is I play soccer,I draw,I love to read, and I like to play outside. When I am in the house for a long period of time is I clean, I cook, I write short stories. What I like the most is playing with my brother and sister Marquiel and Zamya

Brothers and sisters

This is my family I have 6 sisters and 6 brothers and i have my mom and dad they all love me very much

Inside fun

When I am inside my house I have really fun parties we play games and eat pizza, drink soda and have all kinds of fun!!!!

My Family

Family Fun

Family Cookouts

Every 4th of July at my house we always have a family cookout we always have fun sometimes we pop fireworks and everything I always have to help the little ones

my friends

here are some of my friends:

Hannah S.


Breanna S