Sir Isaac Newton

By: Emmali Zimmerman

Life of Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was born January 4, 1643, in England. He was not expected to live because he was premature. He was an only child of a local farmer. His father had died just three months after he was born. He went to school and became interested in chemistry. Later on in life after all of his fascinating discoveries, he became deceased on March 12, 1727 in United Kingdom.

Occupation's of Newton

Newton had many jobs in his day. They were philosopher, astronomer which is someone who studies the universe, chemist, mathematician, physicist, and scientist. He did all of this because it interested him very much.


From 12-17 Isaac Newton went to The King’s School, Grantham. In 1661 he went to Trinity College, Cambridge for work study. He then spent two years at home researching his theories on calculus, optics, and the law of gravitation.

Famous Discoveries

He is famous for discovering gravity. He also is famous for the law of inertia which states that an object at rest must stay at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. Lastly

how acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass. Gravity is one key discovery of his.

One Mistake

Isaac Newton was a very intelligent guy, but along the way, he made a few mistakes with his research. One major mistake he made was, if the strength of the attracting force is a function of the mass of an object, then object one produces a force in proportion to its mass and object two produces a force in proportion to its mass and the force applied by one object upon the other object is reduced to compensated for the intervening distance.

Tools Needed

Newton really didn't use many tools when he discovered things. He had to use his brain a large amount when learning calculus and doing math. There wasn't calculators back in his day in age. Some other tools he used were a prism, reflecting telescope, and an apple. I know an apple sounds weird, but it's how he found out how gravity works.

How His Research Impacted Science

He impacted science by discovering gravity and how it works. He changed how telescopes are made by changing the lens because the lenses in his time were always fuzzy. A telescope is an instrument that collects electromagnetic radiation from the sky and concentrates it for better observation. He used telescopes in space which space is the region beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

How His Research Impacted Us

Isaac Newton impacted us by changing the way we see ordinary “white” light. It can be broken into other colors by shining the light through a prism. It creates the colors of the rainbow. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

How the Public Found Out

Isaac Newton published his own work and his own discoveries to the public himself. Some of his discoveries were his calculations. He even made a few books to show his work and his discoveries.