Space Ship - Brad Malott

IMFX - Durham College

Batch Renders

I tried to showcase the lighting I am going for with my renders. I want odd, unnatural lights coming from all angles to simulate either space or a lit-up, futuristic city.

Camera Selections

I wanted a dynamic camera that would show off the futuristic city. The city is supposed to make you feel claustrophobic. When the ship does a loop, I want to show off a galaxy that is not our own above it.
Ship Render

Props and Backgrounds

Neon signs, sharp corners, tight spaces and vast depth are what I want to have the viewer feel so they think they are part of a living, breathing city from a cyberpunk genre.

Colour Palette

I want unnatural colours so the viewer knows that they are not on earth. Things like the sky and light given off by this world's street lights would be entirely different from our own.

Lighting Examples

I want epic, space-faring lighting. Interstellar, Star Trek and Star Wars have great examples of this. I leaned more towards Interstellar since it is grounded in reality.

Final Render

Final Render