By:Leah Bjorgo

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In 1986 the computer animation company Pixar started by Ed Catmull came to be. Ed started working with computer science in 1976 at Utah University.That sparked Ed’s idea to create a animation program. He created a software design that made animating and drawing things on the computer, it was later called the Pixar Computer or Pixar Program. He thought that he had a great computer software program and went to Disney, NYU, and LucasFilm to present his software. Catmull then started working and perfecting his computer software at different companies. He and his team made short films like Luxo Jr, Wally B, and many more throughout the early 80’s.These 3 minute films were revolutionary for the time when ever animation was hand drawn. Making full length movies next like Toy Story and Finding Nemo. Ed would have never imaged that his little animation’s would turn into multi-million dollar movies for Disney, but they did.
The History of Pixar Animation Studios


Long before Ed even saw a glimpse of Pixar he created a computer software to animate things without hand drawing them (which every animation company did). When he presented this to different companies Lucas Film jumped at the offer for his software. He worked in a small office space where Ed and few other animators worked. They made different shapes,colors, and lighting an easier thing to do with the Pixar Computer. But soon enough George Lucas sold the computer (and the team along with it) because they weren’t making profit. Steve Jobs then bought the company in 1986 for 5 million dollars. They got more animators and started working more on their short movies. Working with Steve Jobs the team became Pixar and started working harder. They got animators from around the US attracted to them like John Lasseter, and Alvy Smith.They were asked to start making animated commercials for companies. Pixar then was asked to make a few films for Disney and that's where they are now. Going from 3-5 minute film to hour long films Pixar is still active at Disney.Starting in 1995 with their first film Toy Story, Pixar has now made over 30 full length films and over 30 short movies. Pixar has also made much more advance computer software making there movies even better. They are still working on many more wonderful films for the future. Surprisingly Pixar will be celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year along with many new films like Zootopia,Good Dinosaur,Finding Dory,and Moana.

John Lasseter

An important person to Pixar is John Lasseter. John is till the head animator at Pixar. John was born in 1957 and worked at Disney as an animator but was drawn to Pixar when Steve Jobs bought it. He has also directed multiple Pixar films and animated in most of them making Disney Pixar have 55 (and counting) Academy Award nominations.
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When Pixar first started all they wanted was to help companies animate things using computers, but ended up making people happy by watching heart-warming films. Pixar has changed society because every year a new Disney Pixar movie has come out, each being about important things in life like finding friends, loving family, and realizing who you are. In a way some Pixar movies can make you think about life differently. The world would be a different place without Pixar because they bring loving characters and interesting plots. Also Pixar helped other companies like Dream Works get the idea for starting computer animation. The children of the world could be sadder without the happy ending of all Pixar movies. In conclusion Pixar is a revolutionary film company that started small and made its way all the way to Disney making millions of dollars in box offices. Disney Pixar brings unforgettable moments into family's lifes, make people forget about their worries ,and make people happy.


The most popular and well known Disney Pixar films is the Toy Story trilogy. The first Pixar full length movie was Toy Story. The story follows toys Woody and Buzz Lightyear as they try to find there was home to Andy there owner. This movie was revolutionary not only was Pixars first film it was also the first computer animated movie! Then in 1999 Pixar released the 2nd Toy Story movie, which introduced new characters and a better software design. Next in 2010 Disney Pixar released Toy Story 3. This movie was the most popular Toy Story movie yet it also has the most advanced animation out of the three. Earlier this year Pixar announed that they would releasing Toy Story 4 in 2018, we will all be on the edge of our seat tell then. Toys from Toy Story can be still be found in multiple stores all over the world. On top of that the unforgettable characters can also be seen at Disney parks.
25 Years of Pixar Animation