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An Oct.-Nov. newsletter written by: "The Little Einsteins".

Social Studies

Social Studies is about (well right now) maps! We are learning about where Ohio is in the world and making compass roses. We have just started and I think we have learned a lot already! Every afternoon after we come in we do our Question of the day. (Q of D for short.) One of the books we are reading right now is a BIG text book on Ohio. We are working on Glaciers and how big or small they can be. I love it! Some of the video’s we have watched are the life of a glacier and how glaciers form. I fell like we have learned a lot. Our state has the Till Planes, Bluegrass, the unglacieated plateau, and the glaciated plateau. We have made a map with the states bordering Ohio in different colors and Ohio has model magic! We also made a step book that showed the Region, the Country, the Continent, the Hemisphere, and the Planet. This is what we have learned in social studies

Andy Collins


Front End Estimation

In Math we are working with front end estimation. Our I can statement is I can estimate sums and differences through the thousands to make sure my answers are reasonable and make sense. We round to the place value we are told to in a number. We also listened to a song to help us remember front end estimation. It goes like this. We will we will round you round you. Find your place. Look next door 5 or greater add 1 more. All digits in the front stay the same. All digits behind zero’s your name. (sing it). We will we will round you round you. This is our fun in math.

By: Samara and Stephen

Comparing and contrasting

In reading we do Comparing and contrasting. Our I can statement is “I can compare and contrast two texts” we compared Halloweenie the book to the play Halloweenie. We also used variety of graphic organizer’s and visual models. We just started comparing and contrasting.

Personal Narrative

In writing we are working on personal narratives. Our learning goals are to write a seed story but with lots of details. Each writing workshop begins with a mini-lesson we listen to our teacher and she tells us what we will be adding to make our personal narratives better. Our I can statement is I can use specific words or phrases and sensory details to describe experiences and events in narrative writing. We practiced leads to hook the reader and make them want to read on. One thing we did that helped us write leads is we wrote a lead and wrote how the person felt when she/he went into a haunted house. Then our classmates rated them and we made them better. We also have been learning diologue and to put just the right amount of it in our story. Mrs. Martin always says “when you’re done you have just begun”.

Memrie & Luke




This year we learned about multiples. Our mascot for multiples is the multiples monster. He multiplies and multiplies and multiplies. When you times any number from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,etc. multiples are also infinite. That means never ends.


We also studied factors. In factors we studied the factor ninja who ‘chops up’ products. Using this we learned that factors are divisions of a product.

Hunter and Andrew


This month we went to Greenacres. We learned that fossils were long ago like millions of years old. We also got to walk down to the creek and pick out a fossil to bring home. We learned what types of fossils there are. Another thing we learned was that the first living organism formed millions of years ago but long after the world was formed. We went on a time line walk to learn the separation in years of living organisms and people. That is what we did and learned at our Greenacres field trip.

by; Paige and Anna

Halloween Party

This year we had a Halloween party. First we went through all of the 4th grade classrooms with our costumes on. When we got back we had a party. We had stations and they were pass-a-pictionary. It is where you write a sentence and you pass it to the next person and they have to draw a picture describing the sentence. The next game is where you draw a monster on balloon and you get a tray and you put the balloons on the trays and race against someone and say waiter waiter there is a head in my soup and you race to the other side. Last but not least was the game where this canon and air comes out if you shoot it and you try to blow out candles. After all that we ate peeps and had juice boxes. That was the end of our Halloween party. That was the most fun school party EVER.

By: McKayla and Tayor

Reading Goals

Every quarter we have a new reading goal for our class. Last quarter we read 127 books and we only needed to read 125 books. Here’s how it works! When we finish a book we write a summary, then, we record it in our reading log and highlight it. We put a stamp in our passport under the genre we read. Finally, we put a star on our door with the name of our book and the author of our book and our name. Our passport is where we have our picture in it and we also have different genres that we have to read this year. We have to read at least 30 books this year. For every book we read we get a stamp in our passport. For example, if you finished Double Fudge by Judy Blume, we would put it under chapter book choices or realistic fiction and then we get a stamp in our passport. Our reading goal for this quarter is138 books. We have a ot of reading to do so let’s get going.

By Nina and Maddie

Math Rounding

In math we have been working on rounding to the nearest1,10,100,1000,10000,100000,1000000. We have learned to round on number lines. Our math class has been watching videos of rounding such as WE WILL ROUND YOU. Our math class has been learning the chant of we will round you too. We have been writing I can statements with math journal with rounding. These are the things we do in math.

We have specials during the day. Some big events are coming are the book fair and musical. The book fair is in the multipurpose room November 4rth through 6th. The musical is coming up. We have been practicing since the end of September. The fourth grade has been split up into 2 groups. Our class is with Sprang, Vaughan . We’re singing the musical “A KIDS LIFE”. These are the special updates.

Ty and Annie

Read Aloud

Our read aloud ROCKS!!!! Evidence that students are learning is our read alouds involve listening and writing about the story and reading. Students never want to stop when we are reading our read aloud book. Our read aloud book is called The Forgotten Door, it is about a boy named little john who goes through a forgotten door that leads to the earth. When Little John gets to earth he losses his memory by a fall. Everybody thinks he is a wild boy and his life is in danger. He comes from a peaceful planet and does not understand earth. We are loving this book.

Nikhil and Brynne


In reading are working on plot. Our I can statement is I can use specific details from the story to descried the events in depth. Activities we have done are The Vanishing Pumpkin where we read the book then wrote down the events in the story on a roller-coaster chart which is a visual chart where we can see the characters, setting, problem, climax, and solution and where they go in the story. Another activity we did is Pumpkins, we also put the events in the story on a step book. Also we read a book called Witches we did a visual chart that was a haunted house chart. Evidence that students are learning is that we can write the characters, setting, problem, climax, solution, conclusion, and a summary all by ourselves. That was the inside scoop for plot.

By Stephen and Samara.


In science we studied fossils. We took a field trip to Green Acers where we walked to a creek and found fossils. Then we made fossil molds in clay. We also watched lots of fun videos that we answered questions with. Some of the videos we watched were Bill Nye and science court. In both videos we learned a lot about how fossils are formed. As you can see we learned a lot in science so far.

Ryan Rammacher and Sophia Attiyah

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