Belize Barrier Reef Vacation

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Located on Belize coast

Extending north and south for one-hundred and eighty miles, The Belize Reef is unmatched for snorkeling, sea kayaking and diving with an incredible diversity of corals and an abundance of tropical fish. We travel from caye to caye by sea kayak, staying at small, family-run lodges, soaking in the easy-going, friendly Belizean character and each day we venture out to explore the magic and beauty of this tropical marine wilderness.

In Belize, we find a continuous reef structure running the length of the country parallel to the coast. From the mainland, the reef cannot be seen; it lies 10 to 20 miles offshore. Traveling east from the mainland, the reef first becomes visible as a line of white surf crashing over the reef crest, with blue sea to the outside marking the deeper habitat of the fore reef. Approaching closer, we first enter the reef’s lagoon - a shallow area of turquoise waters, brilliant white sand flats and waving beds of turtle grass and corals. Cuts or breaks in the outside reef are common - where wave action carves out channels into the lagoon which serve as navigation routes to and from the open sea.

Warning Risks

When snorkeling there is a risk of being attacked by a sting ray or any other potentially dangerous sea life. The water is of a rich blue color and Jellyfish are present! There are many safety precautions to take but if taken you will enjoy your vacation as thousands of others have!Ambergris Caye relies heavily on boats for transportation not only around the island itself but for inter island travel, mainland travel, transportation of cargo and of course tourism. When Swimming or snorkeling on Ambergris Caye please

BEWARE OF BOAT TRAFFIC and follow these safety guidelines:

1) Swim/snorkel between docks and in designated swim areas when available.

2) Do not attempt to swim out to the reef.

3) Consider not wearing jewelry when snorkeling or swimming.

4) If any vessel is heading in your direction signal to make yourself visible.

5) Use a life vest or diver down buoy for visibility when snorkeling or swimming.

6) Touching coral, plant life and dock posts may cause extreme allergic reactions.

7) Always have someone watching when snorkeling or swimming at night.

8) Do not dive from docks as there could be shallow water or obstructions under water.

9) Pay attention to the wind speed and direction when kayaking away from shore.

10) A kayak and/or paddle are useful to make yourself visible while in the water.

11) Your belongings should not be left unattended on the beach or dock.

We want your vacation on Ambergris Caye to be a memorable and enjoyable one so please be safe while exploring our natural wonders

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Places to stay and airfare

The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System is located about half a mile from the windward side of the island, where you can find several Belize Barrier Reef resorts. The airfare depends on where youre flying from but our vacationers usually fly Southwest and purchase tickets ahead of time for low rates.