The Southern Colonies

By: Robin R, Chijioke U, Devon H, Dakota M


Ways they made money

Services 82%

  • Community, social, personal and tourism services, 27%
  • Wholesale and retail trade 25%
  • Government 19%
  • Finance, insurance, and real estate 6%
  • Transportation, communications, and utilities 5%

Manufacturing 9%

Construction 7%

Agriculture 2%

Interesting Fact

  • In April 1649, colonists voted into law An Act Concerning Religion (later known as the Maryland Toleration Act), which granted freedom of worship for all Christians. Although permanently repealed in 1692, the act was one of the first statutes granting religious liberty of any kind and was an important step toward true freedom of religion in the United States.
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North and South Carolina

Ways they made money

The crops they sold were tobacco, silk, grapes, and cotton. They had more success raising cattle and hunting animals for their fur. Rice became the real Carolina cash crop later on in the future and then it became indigo. They also had naval stores which was a store that helped sailors who come through obtain lumber, cotton sails, ropes and pine tar.

Interesting Fact

North Carolina was not affiliated with slaves as much a the South was which was really weird back then because it was a really big thing back then for the southern colonies. The slaves were most likely sent to South Carolina because that is where the bigger and more money making plantations were.
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