Union Station Domination

Washington, DC

Tropicana Campaign - Union Station, Washington D.C.

Why Union Station?

Union Station is the central hub of the bustling business district in Washington, DC. It is the most dominant and spectacular format in the district and DMA as a whole targeting locals and tourists alike. It can be bought as one blowout domination or in the three subsections as pictured above based on target and availability.


-Transit Hub: Terminal for Buses, Maryland's MARC Train, Virginia's VRE surburban commuter rail line, AMTRAK, Metro, Tour bus operators, and 1,100 Taxis Daily

-Number ONE tourist destination in DC with more annual visitors than top 7 DC destinations combined

-Mall (over 120 stores), Food Court, Train Station, Event Space, etc.

-40,000,000 visitors per year

-75%+ Capitol Hill travels through Union Station daily

We are the ONLY company that offers advertising in Union Station. Simply buying the Metro or Amtrak stops is not considered a domination - it is a platform buy and you are not properly covering Union Station. Be targeted. Be Smart. Dominate.

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Availability: October-December

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