Paramecium is unicellular. They live in quiet or stagnant ponds. They feed on algal scum and other organisms and other small organisms eat them. They move by hair-like projections called cilia.
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Amazing Microscopic HD Video! Paramecium Feeding!!


Volvox are one-celled algae that liv together in a colony. It has two flagella so the flagella beat together to roll the ball through the water. The Volvox has chlorophyll and make their own food by photosynthesis. Their size is 350 to 500 (two or three could fit in 1 mm.
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Volvox Globator

The Amoeba

The Amoeba is a protozoan that belongs to the kingdom Protista. The amoeba gets its food by surrounding the food with its pseudopods. The Amoeba moves by stretching its cytoplasm into finger-like extensions called pseudopods. They basically look like a bif blob.
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Adolescents- Amoeba (LYRICS)


The Euglena has Chloroplasts that make their own food by photosynthesis, they can also absorb their food by their environment. They live in quiet ponds or puddles. Euglena move by a flagella.
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Euglena Song


The flagella is a long whip-like structure that acts like a little motor. It is located at the anterior (front) end and twirls in such way that it pulls the cell through the water.
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flagella & cilia