India Boyd

Health Benefits

Watermelon - is made up of only water & sugar , watermleon is considered a nutrient dense food , provides a high amount of vitamins & minerals as well as antioxidanats for a low amount of calories

Banana - are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world , the curved yellow fruit packs a big nutritional punch.

Strawberries - fresh summer strawberries are one of the most popular , refreshing and healthy treats on the planet & are used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes such as alleviating inflammation , fever , kidney stones , bad breath , gout & more

Super Powers

Keeps all the vitamins you need , keeps you from sicknesses and keeps you strong and healthy .
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- Watermelons are mostly water about 92%

- Each bite contains vitamin 1 , B6 , & C lots of lycopene , antioxidants & amino acids , modest amount of potassium

- It's fat free , very low in sodium and has only 40 calories per cup

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- Bananas proved a variety of vitamins & minerals : Vitaman C , Potassium , Protein , Iron

- Scientist believe it could've been the worlds first fruit

- It's a nutritional punch

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- They may reduce the risk of degenerative diease

- They could reduce the risk of cardiovascular diease

- Use strawberries to stop stressing

- Prevent bone loss with strawberries

- The high in antioxidants