Finding Gonzalo's motivation

Step 1, annotate the story

Read at your story. Underline or circle any word/s you don't understand as your reading. It's important that you look up the word you don't understand because then you'll understand the story better. Also, as you are reading, jot down important things that happen in the story. You can always look back at them instead of looking through the whole story.

Step 3, describe how Gonzalo feels (use context clues)

Describe how Gonzalo feels. His emotion changes throughout the story. I used context clues to help me understand his motivation. The story says, "2 years after my father and I moved here from Guatemala I could speak English. I learned it on the playground and watching lots of TV."This tells me that since his motive is responsibly, Gonzalo's knows he very lucky that he moved to America and learned English or else he would've never have the responsibility to watch over his uncle, Tio Jaun, who doesn't know anything in America.
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step 3, relate.

Relating is also very important. You can relate by comparing a situation you were once in before that Gonzalo's facing. Since Gonzalo's very close to his uncle, Tio Juan, I can relate to that since I have a close relationship to my grandmother. She doesn't know English that we'll either so I help her understand things better by explaining things to her. That's my responsibility just like Gonzalo.

All about me

Hi, my names Samantha Mamudoski. I go to Naugatuck High school, I'm in 9th grade. In my flyer I explain how I found what Gonzalo's motive was. That was responsibility. I explain the steps I took to find that out.