Having a Healthy Lifestyle

Effects of obesity, unhealthy lifestyles, & type II diabetes

The Effects of Obesity on the Body

Obesity has a very negative effect on the body.

Everyday Effects:

-Increased joint problems

-High temperature

-High blood pressure

-Female infertility

-Sleep apnea

-Large fat deposits in the liver


Effects of a Metabolic Syndrome:

-Large amounts of abdominal fat

-Increased insulin resistance

-Development of heart problems

-Chest pain

Additional Effects:

-Increased chance of heart problems

-Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome

-Increased change of cancer

The Effects of Not Exercising


-More likely to become overweight and obese

-Diabetes II

-Heart Disease

-Sleep apnea


-Physiological Health

Poor Self Image:
- Excercise releases endorphins, which help keep you in a happy or content mood, without it, you are more likely to become irritable and annoyed.



-Without excercise, the muscles in your body are unable to develope and strengthen joints, which leads to weakness and being prone to serious injury.



- Depression can lead to having no motivation for excercise and maintain a healthy diet, which mainly leads to diabetes

- Increased thirst and urination: As sugar builds in the blood stream, you will become thirsty more often

- Increased hunger: Without enough insulin to move sugar into the cells, muscles and oragns can become depleted from energy, which triggers hunger.

- Weight loss: Wihtout proper energy supplies to your cells, muscle and fat storage can shrink.

- Fatigue: If your cells are depleted from sugar, you can become tired and iritable.


- Adult Male: Average BMI - 18.5-24.9

-Adult Female: Average BMI - 18.5 and 24.9

- Average height for adult Women: 5'5" - Weight: 125

- Average: Male: 6' Weight: 160

- Heart rate for adults: 60-100 beats per minutes. For athletic adults: 40 bpm

- If resting heart rate is above 100bpm that shows that you have tachycardia.

- If it is under 60 bpm you might have bradycardia
- Respiration: adults have 12-20 breaths per minute. During exercise its 35-45 breaths per minute

-Normal blood pressure: 120/80

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