Rainbow Factory

We need you!!

We need you!!

The rainbow factory is running low on fuel. We need a pony of every type to help us out!! Now, our factory has very sensitive technology that can only be handled by very happy and joyful ponies!! The happiest of the happy!! Even if you aren't happy, we'll help you to be happy!! Come help us bring sunshine and rainbows to Equestria!!


Don't you like the sunshine? Don't you like the rainbows? Don't you enjoy the happiness printed across the sky? Think about it. No more sunshine. No more color. No more happy. No more love. Rainbows are a sign of love and joy. If we don't have a Rainbow Factory up and running...all that will be gone.

Rainbow Dash

The CEO of the Rainbow Factory. The factory that makes the rainbows in the sky across Equestria.