Life is Good Party

Join us!

Dear friends,

We've had lots of reasons to celebrate lately, but never actually got around to it.

So the time has come to throw a big party - and you're invited!!!

What's there to celebrate?

Stephan's birthday (on the same day of the party)

Stephan's big new (ERC) project

Cristina's job extension, with all the conditions that she was hoping for!

Stephan's smaller and still relatively new (FWF) project

Our dear friends, most of whom we see far too seldom


And the good life...

Life is Good Party

Friday, May 9th, 8pm

Celeste Jazzkeller, Hamburgerstraße 18, Vienna, Austria

The party will be in the Club's Jazzkeller!

The Celeste Jazzkeller has space for up to 60 people, a stage, a sound system and a piano. Thanks to our professional musician friends (Florian KMET, Heidi Krenn, and Sheila Cooper), there will also be excellent live music starting at 9:30 PM, followed by dance & disco music from around the world.

Food will be provided, and the Celeste-operated bar is open for drinks.

For those who want to keep partying after closing time (2AM), there should be half-price entry to the clubbing upstairs.

We really hope you all have time to come and celebrate with us!

And for planning reasons, we would be grateful if you could send us a brief note letting us know whether you can make it.

Lots of love, and see you soon,

Stephan and Cristina