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  • This week at St. Stan's
  • Gentle Reminders
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Scholastic Book Fair

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  • Parent-Student Handbook
  • Back to School Documentation

This Week at St. Stan's

Meet the Teacher Night

We will have our "Meet the Teacher Night" on Thursday, September 2. The evening will begin at 6pm and go until about 8pm. Here are a few important guidelines to follow for the evening:

  • No more than two adults should attend per family
  • This is not an event for children, so they should not be attending
  • Everyone entering the building must wear a mask at all times

The evening will be broken into several sessions/rotations, so that parents can get a good idea of the great things that are happening at our school.

6:00 - 6:25pm -- MEET the TEACHER -- Everyone will start with their child's primary teacher who will make introductions and explain what they hope to accomplish this school year.

6:30 - 8:00pm -- ROTATIONS -- Parents will move as groups to three different meetings around the building. Each meeting will last for about 25 minutes and include 5 minutes of passing time.

  • Rotation 1 -- MEET the PRINCIPAL -- The Principal will lead a discussion on the mission and vision of the school.
  • Rotation 2 -- MEET the SUPPORT STAFF -- Our school counselor and Title I Team will lead a discussion on the social-emotional and academic supports available at St. Stan's.
  • Rotation 3 -- MEET the PARENTS -- In addition to discussing athletics for the 2021-22 school year, parents will have the chance to connect and sign-up for opportunities by which they can help serve our community.

Specials Classes

All "specials classes" will be on the schedule for students this week. This means that students will be having Foreign Language and Music classes in addition to Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Media & Technology.

Dress Code

Due to the heat last week, we had a relaxed dress code so that the students could be more comfortable. With temperatures expected to fall this week, however, we will return to our weekly schedule as it pertains to the school uniform.

  • Monday & Wednesday - Informal Uniform
  • Tuesday & Thursday - Physical Education Uniform
  • Friday - Formal/Church Uniform

Scholastic Book Fair Begins Monday!

Students will have an opportunity to visit the fair during the school week and add titles to their "wishlist." Please click on this link to visit our school's book fair homepage. If you would like to set-up an "eWallet" so that your son or daughter can purchase books on their own at school, please click on this link.

The book fair will be open to parents/guardians during our "Meet the Teacher Night" on Thursday, September 2.

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Gentle Reminders

Morning Drop-Off

It is understandable that parents want to see their children go into the building at the beginning of the day and give one last wave goodbye. When many parents do this, however, it can cause some logistical issues, so please keep the following in mind:

  • If you are going to wait to see your child walk into the building, you should park on the street or in the church parking lot, not in the circle drive. This will reduce traffic congestion.
  • Some Pre-Kindergarten students have a hard time going into the building. If this is happening with your child, it is suggested that you say your goodbyes earlier and before students have to enter the building. This may cut down on the amount of changes happening all at once for the little ones.


This week, non-Pre-K students will be marked "tardy" in our official records if they come to school later than 8:10am. St. Stan's views being on time to school as mostly the responsibility of a child's parent/guardian. We understand that there are extenuating circumstances which may cause a family to be late. Habitual tardiness, however, is an issue that will ultimately have a negative effect on the education of students, so I ask that parents do their best to get students to St. Stan's on time.

With Chicago Public Schools beginning their fall session this week, traffic will be much more congested in our area. Please keep this in mind as you plan your morning commute.

Water Bottles

Please be sure that your child has a refillable water bottle at school each day. Our drinking fountains are turned on, but students should only be using them to fill up their own bottles. It is preferable that water bottles have a student's name clearly marked or are distinguishable in some way to that student, so that there are no mix-ups and bottles can be returned to their rightful owner.

Sports and the City Suburban Catholic Conference

St. Stan's has joined a new athletic conference, the City Suburban Catholic Conference!

The CSCC will offer our school the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports throughout the year including soccer, cross-country, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball. Athletic competition is typically allowed for students in grades 3-8.

Additionally, Mr. Ryan Reed (Social Studies and Physical Education Teacher) has agreed to be our school Athletic Director.

This year we were unable to join for soccer competition, but we can still form a cross-country team. If you are interested in helping coach or if your 3-8 grade son/daughter wants to be on the cross-country team, please contact Mr. Reed at

After School Courses

As the school year progresses, I will be trying to bring more after school options into the building for students. We are trying to offer courses in cooking, coding, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math), however we have not had enough students sign-up for the courses to justify them running. As a result, the start date of these courses will be pushed back several weeks to allow families more time to consider the options.

Although the programming is offered to K-5, there is a possibility of grades 6-8 being offered classes should there be enough interest. Please utilize the links below to sign-up.

Parent-Student Handbook 2021-22

Clicking on the link below will bring you to our revised Parent-Student Handbook for the 2021-22 school year. There have been some changes made compared to previous years, so I encourage that all families read it closely. Additionally, all parents/guardians must acknowledge that you have read/received the handbook and understand the policies within. If you have any questions, please contact our main office for clarification.

Parent-Student Handbook - 2021-22

Acknowledgement of Receiving Handbook

Back to School Documentation

As an accredited school in the state of Illinois, there is a lot of information that we must keep on file for both the safety and wellness of our students as well as the effective communication and operation of the school.

Families who have not completed this form will be receiving phone calls from the school this week. Those who do not complete the forms may not be allowed to return to school until the proper documentation is complete.

Click on this link to complete the "Back to School Packet 2021"

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