Professional Development Workshop:

Integrating Technology into Learning Experiences

Education is Evolving...

Technology will be used fluidly within instruction and student learning activities. Technology tools will be used to present material to students using multimedia resources (prezi, powerpoint,videos,podcasts…) and also to organize classroom resources via classroom website/portal. Technology devices will be easily accessible for each student to work on individualized skills or for collaborative group work. Technology will also be used for communicating ideas within the classroom, and spreading ideas elsewhere (blog, discussion board, wiggio, skypeclassroom…).

Who can help you evolve with education? .....JESSICA HUTTER

Who can help you evolve with education?


Please check out

my vision for technology

in education!

About Jessica Hutter...

Trained in instructional technology through NYIT masters program on how to:

  • search/gather resources for learning experiences
  • organize learning materials/experiences
  • present material & create custom learning experiences
  • collaborate utilizing different technology resources

I also have LOTS of experience creating blended learning experiences by building lessons and units utilizing technology tools to aid students in higher order thinking

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Why would you want to take this workshop?

Things are changing...

Smart Bond-> Wallkill’s Captial Project

  • New technology devices
  • New technologies available & easily accessible

—PD demands
  • We all need to continue to do PD hours-> make them useful!

—EDUCATION IS EVOLVING -> technology it HERE to stay… don’t be frightened, learn how to use it effectively within classrooms! Let me help you!

Use this model unit- THE WORK IS DONE!

I have CREATED a model blended unit which fits into our EXISTING ELA CURRICULUM!

  • You will get ALL materials and resources needed to implement the unit
  • It covers curriculum you ALREADY need to cover!
  • It aligns with WALLKILL's VISION!

Why Choose This Workshop?

I have been trained & can help coach YOU on how to :

  • successfully implement the blended learning unit which covers curriculum in the ELA map
  • learn how to use all of the tools involved in the blended learning unit
  • know to teach you diverse students using the technology tools involved


We need to help this educational evolution. Our students are ready! The have been growing up in the age of technology, EDUCATORS need to learn how to use these 2.0 tool and incorporate 21st century skills into student learning experiences!! I CAN HELP!!