Technology rules for parents

By: Esha Narang


In this flyer you will get to know the top ten rules you should teach you parents about technology.

Top 10 Rules

Rule #1

Never text or use your phone while your driving because it can lead to accidents and serious damages.

Rule #2

Never send or post abusive or inappropriate pictures. This can lead to bullying, embarrassment to others students.

Rule #3

Never send rude or mean messages to other people. You might not think other people can see them but you wrong! Anything you send is never private.

Rule #4

Never tell your password to anyone because they can go on your account and post or send embarrassing picture that you find rude or mean.

Rule #5

Don't spend more than 2 hours on any electronic devise because it can damage your eyes.

Rule #6

Never share private information of the internet because people you don't know can make fake accounts of you.

Rule #7

Don't post pictures of yourself because people can screen shot them and do something with it like change it into something else or use it against you.

Rule #8

Don't go on websites that you don't know about because it can show inappropriate items you shouldn't about. If you do want to then ask someone about it or search it up.

Rule #9

Don't text, facetime, skype and more with people you don't know because they can ask you personal and private questions. They can create fake accounts this way and more.

Rule #10

Don't click on adds on the side when your on the computer because it can have inappropriate pictures or words.
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