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December 2015

December- The Month At A Glance

Science Night

St Jude Fund Raiser

Early Release

Bucket Filling Day

Rollo Jamison Museum

Mary Huck

December Concert

Christmas Break

Cold Weather

Box Tops

"When do I keep my child home from school?"


Fund Raiser in Honour of Mrs Johnson


Dealing with a cancer battle of her own, Mrs Johnson has shown such strength and courage, we decided to honour her with a special bucketfilling day, Mrs Johnson Day!

Each classroom collected change in a container. If we raised $100, teacher's hair was getting colored pink! If we raised $250, teachers were kissing animals! If we raised $500, teachers were getting a pie in the face! AND if we raised $1000, Mr Brown got all three things! With the help of you, our generous Neal Wilkins family, WE MET OUR GOAL! Not only did we meet our goal, we surpassed it! We collected a total of $2163.14 !!!

All of the money collected will be sent to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

What an amazing day!



Bucket Filling Day!

Bucket filling day for the month of December will be held on the 15th at 9:30 am!

Visits to the Rollo Jamison Museum!

Kindergarten and first grade will be walking to the Rollo Jamison Museum to learn about past Christmas'. It's a fascinating adventure to see how they celebrated Christmas hundreds of years ago! We're so lucky to have such a wonderful museum right down the street! Kindergarten will be going Dec 7th thru the 16th. First grade will be going beginning Dec 7th also.

Check your child's classroom newsletter for their specific dates.

Coming Home for Christmas

The Holiday exhibit, Coming Home for Christmas, features children's toys, a Victorian Christmas Tree, toy trains, and the opportunity to create your own ornament and will be openDecember 4 - 31, 2015 with the exception of December 24 and 25so our staff can enjoy Christmas with their families.

Holiday Museum Hours
December 4 - 31, 2015

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Saturdays: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sundays: 12:00 - 5:00 pm

Holiday Concerts

  • Monday, December 7, 2015, 7:30 pm: Platteville Children’s Choir Apprentices
  • Tuesday, December 8, 2015: 7:30 pm: Platteville Children’s Choir Choristers
  • Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 7:30 pm: Platteville Children’s Choir Cantabile
  • Sunday, December 13, 2015, 3:00 pm: The Platteville Chorale
  • Thursday, December 17, 7:30 pm: Platteville High School Blue Notes

Mary Huck Comes to Visit Kindergarten!

On Dec 6th, Mary Huck will be coming to visit our kindergarteners. Mary works with each class to teach them the history of candle making. She also will be helping each student to make their very own!

Christmas Concert

What a gift it will be to watch one of your children sing a selection of songs to melt your heart! Come watch the 4-k Winter Program Dec. 17th @ 6:00pm at the High School Auditorium!

What a wonderful way to enjoy the season!

Christmas Break

Christmas Break will begin on Wednesday, December 23rd. This means that the last day of school before break is December 22nd. It is a full day of school and we're looking forward to doing something very special with your kids here at school!

*School resumes on Jan. 4th

Box Tops for Education

PTO at Neal Wilkins is always collecting Box Tops for Education. It's a way to raise money for our school by simply cutting the Box Top for Education coupon off of your groceries or supplies. Many items have these including tissues, foods, cleaners, etc., you might have to check the bottoms too! Turn them in at the office. There's a "little school building" located in the office to drop them into! The PTO will take it from there!

With wet weather coming...!

Please take a few minutes and stick an extra pair of socks and change of clothes in your child's backpack. It's tough to be a kid in classes all afternoon with soaking wet clothes or socks! If they need to change, having nice dry clothes will make your child feel warm and it will be easier to concentrate on school work. The wet ones can go right in the bag the dry ones came out of. (And no, they won't be changing their clothes every day but some times accidents happen or a soak thru can! We couldn't possibly have enough clothes for everyone!) Thanks for your help with this!

Dressing for the Weather

It is so important to be sure that your child has the appropriate outerwear to heads outdoors here at school. If the weather is not below zero (with the wind chill) teachers WILL be taking the kids outside. It's very important that they have a heavy coat, heavy gloves or mittens, a hat, snow pants and snow boots. If your child does not wear boots, they are allowed to go outside but must remain on the blacktop area to play.

If you are not able to provide these items for your child, please contact the school and we will help you out.

As with any of your child's clothing items, it is very important to have them labeled with their first and last name.

We really appreciate your help with this!

How Do You Know When to Keep Your Child Home From School?

It can be a difficult decision whether or not to send your child to school.

Here are some guidelines to help you make that decision.

Keep your child home if he or she:

  • Has a fever of 100 degrees or higher

  • Has been vomiting within the last 24 hours

  • Has symptoms that prevent him or her from participating in school, such as:

  • Excessive tiredness or lack of appetite

  • Coughing or sneezing

  • Headache, Body aches, earaches

  • Sore throat

*A minor sore throat is usually not a problem, but a severe sore throat could be strep throat even if there is no fever. Other symptoms of strep throat in children are headache and stomach upset. Contact your pediatrician as your child needs a special test to determine if it is strep throat.

*Keep your child home until his or her fever has been gone for 24 hours without medication.

*Colds can be contagious for at least 48 hours. Returning to school too soon may slow the recovery process and expose others to illness. Good hand washing techniques can also help stop the spread of a cold.

*Does my child have the flu? The flu is serious! Call your pediatrician at the first sign of any flu symptoms, which typically come on suddenly. Some flu symptoms include:

  • High fever

  • Chills

  • Headache, Body Aches, Ear Aches

  • Nausea, Vomiting

  • Dry Cough

*If you are unsure about the best way to treat your child’s cold or flu, you can ask your friendly school nurse, family doctor, pharmacist, or any healthcare provider of your choice.

*How do I make my child feel better?

  • Make sure your child gets plenty of rest

  • Encourage Fluids; water, soup, juice, popsicles, ice

  • Plenty of TLC, snuggling, and a great book can also help your child relax

Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center

The mission of the Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center is to work together as a team to provide all students the educational foundation they need to become life-long, self-confident learners in an environment where learning is fun and students are empowered, think critically, become self-starters and take personal responsibility for their actions and their learning. We also strive to build character within our students by creating a sense of community where students exhibit compassion and respect for themselves and others.