All About Me

By Ms.Scott

My name is Jordan Scott, you can call me Ms.Scott. I am a junior at CHSI am on Varsity Volleyball and JV track.


I have 2 older sisters: Alexia is 24, Chelsea is 21. Alexia is a teacher in Frisco and Chelsea is a student at UNT. I have 2 small dogs, Annabelle and Jake, and 2 cats, Tom and Hamilton.


I have played volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, and cheer, and now I play only volleyball and am on the Varsity team at the high school and am also in high jump in track. My favorite part of CHS are my teachers and my friends. I went to Denton Creek and so did my sisters!

I love food and animals. My favorite food is mac and cheese and cupcakes and my favorite animal is a monkey. My favorite music is pop or indie and my favorite color is blue! I have been to Disney World and Universal Studios. I love the beach and mountains, as well as camping and going to the lake. I want to be an elementary school teacher and the colleges I'm looking at are ACU, UNC, Duke, Baylor, and TCU.