Grades 9-12

March 2018 Newsletter

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Reimagine Me!

We've changed the date and the focus. Come join us June 11-13th at Africentric Early College. We will be focusing on how students want to learn. Reimagine your classroom when you teach the standards at high levels through different means such as discipline literacy, blended learning, and personalization. There will be science offerings as well as general sessions. Earn up to $100 stipend per day!

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

Sue Tenney from Ohio Energy gave some specifics about the Ohio Energy Project:

-they cover substitute and transportation costs up to $360

-the kids will visit the different careers such as a line job

-it is for April and May

-there are 6 dates and 4 locations depending on where you want to take the students

-you can only bring a max of 6 students; that is why they cover your sub expense

-you can get CEUs and up to $100 stipend

Also, they have a program for 7th and 9th grade teachers for the summer. You will tour a power plant. You get a kit worth $450 and CEUs for a 5 hour PD

And finally, they want to do the Be E3 Smart PD in the summer for 9th grade teachers. The teachers get a kit; they want the program implemented next year; they connect them to other teachers; there are PDs from July - November. You can get CEUs, a stipend of $100 the 1st year and $200 after 2 years. You could also pay for a graduate credit from Ashland University.

See the flyer below:

Need additional gifted hours?

Here is a link for webinars that can count towards the 30 required hours for gifted teachers:

Want to have input on the extended standards?

Comment period now open for revisions to Ohio’s Learning Standards – Extended in science and social studies
The Ohio Department of Education
invites Ohioans to submit suggestions through March 12, 2018 as part of a periodic update process for Ohio’s Learning Standards in Science and Social Studies – Extended. Through the feedback, the Department can ensure the extended standards reflect the experience that Ohio educators and parents have gained with the extended standards during the past five years since they were first adopted. Through this periodic review, our state aims to better prepare students for the changing expectations of their options after high school.

Survey link:

Environmental Teachers:

Here is the flyer about the Environthon. It will be held April 24th in Hillsboro, Ohio.

Safety Matters

It's getting close to that time of year: Soon you will be getting your chemical inventory and lab check-off sheets for the year. Please make sure that you complete these, have your principal sign them, and return the ORIGINALS to me. Feel free to download the forms and complete them some time in late April - May. Please be sure to include the weekly check-off sheets that you completed all year. Thank you for your help with this.

Department Chair Meetings

Time: 3:30-5:30

Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month

March 14; April 11; May 9

Note: Since we had a snow day on February 7th, that Department Chair Meeting was cancelled. It has been taken out of CiMS so that it will not affect your 75% attendance for CEUs.

Focus: Best practices of individual schools; STEM; argument-driven inquiry; argumentative writing, incorporating the 5E's of science inquiry, and discipline literacy.

Venue Change:

Geri Granger will present the March Department Chair meeting. Jenny Nord will be working at the state's Model Curriculum Writing for Biology. Your meeting will be held at Spruce Run. It might be sloppy or cold weather, so dress accordingly!

Biology Teachers...It's getting close to test time

  • Coming soon: information on updates to the biology curriculum
  • Strategies have been applied to the released questions from 2016 and 2017. Check the biology google folder for these resources.
  • Proficient PLDs have been unpacked for you. Check the biology google folder for these resources.
  • Check the folder in Google Docs for all the resources we have created for you! Thank you to all the biology teachers who helped put together these resources. Please send me any lesson ideas you have to add to the unpacked PLD's so we can share them with all the biology teachers!
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Science Literacy

"What is it?", you say. You're probably doing a lot of it already. We communicate differently in science. We should be asking, "Why" and "How" not "What." We pay attention to details. We interpret data, charts, illustrations. We seek to understand concepts and words. We need to be able to determine the validity of sources and the quality of the evidence. When we write, we are exact and to the point rather than expressive. We accomplish this through the use of bullets, graphs, sketches, etc. We most generally see this in lab reports, scientific journals or articles, instructions / procedures, field guides, handbooks, or graphic representations of data. These are the literacy skills we need to be teaching our students.

Here are some resources to assist you:


NeoScience offers some free web-based resources. You need to put in the item number as a Frey order and they will send you the free access code.

9N-1366728-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Mitosis and Cell Division

9N-1366729-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Genetics and Heredity

9N-1366741-642 Neo/SCI Web-Based Biology Series

9N-1366725-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Photosynthesis and Respiration

9N-1366733-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Classification of Living Things

9N-1366724-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Cell Processes

9N-1366730-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Biology and Chemistry of Living Things

9N-1366734-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Viruses and Bacteria

9N-1366723-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Cell Structure and Function

9N-1366739-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Human Body Systems

9N-1366250-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based States of Matter: Solids and Liquids

9N-1366255-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Heat and Chemical Change

9N-1366248-642 iNeo/SCI Web-Based Chemistry Fundamentals & Techniques

Spruce Run

Spruce Run is having a BioBlitz on April 13th. It will be open to the public on Saturday, April 14th, from 7:00-10:00 am. A bird expert will be present at that same time! Want to know what a BioBlitz is? Check out this link:

They will be running a Civil War experience / underground railroad on May 12th. Check out the March Spruce Run Newsletter for details!

Resources for Parents

Do parents ever ask you for suggestions for science experiences for their students in the summer? Now you can point them to a Summer of Science! Have them go to the Parent Information link on the science website. It gives suggestions for camps, field trips, board games, online games, and books. Let's keep them exploring all summer!

9th Grade Teachers

Here is a summer camp opportunity about data science and analytics for female students entering 9th-10th grade next fall. Participation is limited to 30 students so be sure to register early.

Office of Teaching and Learning (365-5297)

Sandee Donald, Executive Director

Sharee Wells, Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

Heather Allen, K-5 Science Coordinator,

Jennifer Nord, 6-12 Science Coordinator,

Geri Granger, K-12 Spruce Run Coordinator,