Song S'mores

Civil Rights Movement Era

Let Freedom Ring By Flocabulary.

-The message of this song is MLK giving his speech trying to get blacks their rights.

-The intended audience of this song is mainly blacks getting their rights.

-The mood of this song is it's really up lifting.

-The artists wrote this song because the song was made to help students understand what the civil rights movement was about.

-I chose this to analyze because the only music I listen to is Rap.

We Shall Not Be Moved By Mavis Staples

-The message of the song is the blacks not moving out of the sit-ins.

-The intended audience is mainly the Blacks.

-The mood of the song is sad.

-The artist wrote the song because they wanted to show how they were to sit in the white section. They would be pushed down and they would go back in.

-I chose this song because it has a good beat.

We shall overcome by Highlander Folk School

-They want to be equal and end Slavery.

-The white people and African American people.

-The mood and tone of we shall overcome is they are trying to fight slavery.

-The artist wrote this song because they were trying to overcome slavery.

-I chose this song to analyze because the song had to do with African American rights.

The times a they are changing by bob dylan

-The fact that slavery is slowly vanishing.

-The audience is the whole nation.

-The mood and tone is uplifting.

-The artist wrote the song because he wanted to show how slavery and racism is slowly going away.

-I chose this song because it was made by Bob Dylan

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