State Flowers

By: Lillian Barzee

Arizona: Cactus

The cactus is a huge plant that can grow 60 feet high. It grows very slowly and grows greenish blossoms.
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Alaska: Forget-Me-Not

The forget-me-not is a small blue flower with a yellow middle. These forget-me-not's have their own legends.
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Delaware: Peach Blossom

The peach blossom forms on some trees before the leaves form.
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Georgia: Cherokee Rose

The Cherokee rose is a white flower that has a bright big yellow center. The white petals on it is velvety.
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Hawaii: Native Yellow Hibiscus

The native yellow hibiscus is a shrub and has big yellow petals with a bright red center. These flowers are used to make medicines and dyes.
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Minnesota:Pink and White lady's slipper

This flower is called the pink and white lady's slipper. It is a pretty, white flower that has a large pink petal. It is shaped sort of like a shoe. Swamps and other wet areas grow this type of flower.
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North Carolina: Dogwood

the dogwood is not a flower, but it is a tree. The dogwood tree was picked for its beauty. The dogwood tree is not just North Carolina's state flower, but it is also Virginia's state flower.
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Texas: Blue Bonnet

The Blue Bonnet is a blue five pedaled flower that is shaped sort of like a girl's bonnet. Their are lots of different tales that include this flower.
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Vermont: Red Clover

The red clover grows in the wild and grows reddish-purple bunches. The clovers have three small leaves that are sort of the shape of a palm. Pioneers would dry these flowers to make tea for healing.
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Book Of State Flowers by: Elaine Landau