why a raspberry pi is a computer

by Jude Snelling


We all know what a computer is, right? Well a computer always has an Input, Processing and Output. And so does a Raspberry Pi! The Pi has its own operating system as well! To find out more, read on!

Why is the Pi a computer?

A Raspberry Pi is a computer because it has an Input, Processing and Output. It's Input is the keyboard and mouse connected to the HDMI outlets on the side of the Pi. The Processing goes on inside of the Pi when you have done the Input. i.e. clicking the mouse on the start menu. The Pi will then Process the click and do the Output, opening the start menu.

The Operating System on a Raspberry Pi.

The Operating System used on a Raspberry Pi is called Raspbian. But what is an Operating System? An Operating System is a basic set of utilities and programmes that make your computer- or in this case Raspberry Pi- run. This Operating System has lots of different software you can use for programming, education and regular use. It includes Java, Sonic Pi, Scratch, Mathematica, Python and much, much more!


Server: a computer that provides service and fulfills other computers, or clients, requests.

Client: a computer that can access a service made available by a server.

Computer Network: a group of computer systems linked together

IP address: a specific number signed to a device that is in a computer network

Static IP address: an IP address that never changes

LAN: stands for Local Area Network, which is a computer network that is in a relatively small area, like a school

Cool Things You can do on your Raspberry Pi!!

The raspberry is one of the coolest things ever I think! You can do so many amazing things on it that you could do with a computer, well technically the Pi is one! You can create chat rooms so you can talk with your friends on the computer, you can make games on Scratch. There are so many command lines you can use on LX Terminal that can easily reboot your Pi or just to power it off. The amount of things you can do on a Raspberry Pi are endless and that's what makes it one of the coolest things on this planet!