By: Sierra

Where the Tonkawa lived

The Tonkawa lived in Great Plains, near where Austin is today.

What the of food the Tonkawas ate, and how their food was obtained

The tonkawa ate buffalo,deer,pecans, blackberries,roots. They also ate fish, craw fish, and shell fish. They were hunters-gathers, and fishers.

The type of dwellings they lived in

The tonkawa lived in tepees. the tepees were made with buffalo hinds.

The weapons and tools the tonkawa used

The tonkawa used bow and arrows. They also used war clubs and hide shields in war.

Special triditions/religions

They believed that they created a God that physiologic, and that that God would protect then from natural disasters, diseases, and excitation.

Tonkawas Leadership

The tonkawa were divided into clans.

Where the tonkawa are today

the tonkawa have about 25 people in Oklahoma, but some people say there are some hiding in Austin.

Unique facts

the tonkawa believed their were descendants from wolfs, and so they never killed a wolf. they also had a wolf dance