First Grade News

December 8th-12th


Phy Ed/Spanish

We will have our spelling pre test and learn our new word chunks. How are our new word chunks related to the chunks we learned last week? We will talk about fiction and non fiction books. We will have Daily 5 centers. We will write about what we did on the weekend. We will practice making ten in math. FIRST DAY OF WEEK OF CODE! We will learn about programming. What is a sequence? How can we program a sequence? We will program a sequence using a new app called Tynker.


Art/Computer Lab and Media Check Out

We will Code with Mr. Shock in the Computer Lab. We will talk about fiction and non fiction books. We will have Daily 5 centers. We will learn about using doubles to add numbers together. We will learn about looping for our week of code activity. We will use the Kodable app to practice looping.


Phy Ed/Music

We will practice putting our spelling words in ABC order. We will look for clues to discover if a story is fiction or non fiction. We will have Daily 5 centers. We will practice using doubles in math. We will learn about debugging for our week of code activity. We will CHALLENGE ourselves to try to solve a problem working with a partner on a Anna and Elsa coding activity.


Phy Ed/Spanish

We will play spelling sparkle to practice spelling. We will be a fiction and non fiction detective. We will have Daily 5 centers. We will learn about Near Doubles and practice finding them in math. We will create our own programmed story in Scratch Jr. and share with a partner.


Phy Ed/Music

We will have our First Grade Craft Day! We will be making lots of fun crafts and having a special treat that we will make! We will have our spelling test in the afternoon. We will celebrate learning during the week of code by making a story in Play Lab and we will take a class picture showing our favorite coding activities!

Parent Notes

Our entire school is participating in Week of Code to celebrate computer science week. (Your child brought home a flyer about it last week) We have lots of fun activities planned during the week. Your children have already been coding, but we will focus our attention on specific skill building this week. They LOVE IT!

Thank you for helping your child remember to do their math video homework when required last week. I know schedules can be very busy, so we won't have a video every night. This week there are only two videos to watch this week. Your child should be able to locate the videos in Google Classroom which can be accessed through a link on their iPad. They should know how to do this.

Monday Night: 6-2 Double

Wednesday Night: 6-3 Near Doubles


Your child should also be using their iPad to do RAZ at home as well as spelling practice apps. More to follow as we grow in our iPad talents and confidence.

I will be sending a Scholastic book order home on Monday, but any orders will be due by Wednesday so any books will arrive before our winter break. We are having a book exchange in the classroom on Friday, December 19th, and I know there are lots of inexpensive options to choose from. Please read the letter about the book exchange and book order when it comes home on Monday!

Dates to remember: We will be having our Annual First Grade Craft Day on Friday, December 12th, from 9:00-11:00 AM. Lots of volunteers are needed for the event. Still time to Sign up below if you would like to volunteer. We have LOTS of fun making crafts!

Spelling Week 12 -ock -uck

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