Book Report

By Tyler Wilson

The Giver Written by Lois Lowry

About the Author

Lois Lowry

She was born on March 20, 1937 in Hawaii. Her family than went to New York, where she began school. When World War II started her father went oversea and her mother took her to a town called Carlisle,Pennsylvania. Then Lois when she was young moved to Tokyo, Japan where she finished 7th and 8th grade. She finished high school in New York City. When she graduated high school she went to Brown University in Rhode Island while her Parent lived in Washington D.C. She then married at the age 19 in her sophmore year of college. She married a naval officer and continued the military life. After 4 children her husband was released from the military and entered Harvard Law School. After there divorce she married Martin her former husband in 1977 and her husband died in the spring of 2011. Her oldest son was in the United States Air Force and died in a cockpit of a warplane and left his daughter fatherless. She is a grandmother and now she resides alone in her home in Cambridge, Massachussets.


The Giver has won several awards including the John Newberry Award, The 1994 Regina Award, The 1996 William Allen White Award, The Booklist Editor's Choice, A Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Book,"American Library Association listings for "Best Book for Young Adults"," ALA Notable Children's Book", and "100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990–2000."

My Summary

The Giver is about a kid named Jonas in a future version of Earth where other communities ( cities ) have different rules. Also each family unit can only have two children until they grow up. Jonas has been chosen as The Reciever who learns everything of the past and how the world was before everything changed. He felt pain with no medicine, he knew of hills, rain, and snow. The community changed the world so everything was safe and they would live better. Jonas was curious so he wanted to find " The place beyond Elsewhere."

My Recomendation

I feel like all readers other than readers of only sci-fy should read this book. You feel yourself wanting to read everytime you have a chance. I didn't like sci-fy until my mom recommended this book to me. This book also as a second book called The Son and "Companion Books" to it called The Messenger and Gathering Blue. These are books that you dont have to read for the story to make since but i will still suguest the "Companion Books". I give The Giver a 10-10 and all readers should at least read 5 chapters to see if you are interested.

Two new Vocabulary words.

1. intrigued- very interested; fascinated. It is used in the book when The Giver tells Jonas that he is gonna learn of things that were existant along time ago.

2. rumpled- in disarray; extremly disorderly. It is use in the story to describe a younger boys tunic as he sat down.