To Manila and back


Travel with me?

So I'm not going to make this particularly easy for you. If you are going to read this, you're going to come with me, and live this trip again, in all it's highs and lows and all its mess and glory.

Them escapades

So Philippines is all about the weekends. The extent of how much you see, is all in your hands. It was quite funny though, we never had detailed intricate plans, we had a rough idea of where we wanted to go, and what we wanted to see, but almost zero to no clue of how we were going to achieve it. It was the time in between that many people wont talk about. The mess, the helplessness, the struggle of figuring things out and simply the randomness of time and space. But it was those in between moments which were most magical. It was in those tiny little moments of confusion when you see clearly, when you reach out to people with the will to listen and the capacity to understand, and that's when you grow.
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LifeBoat- My Project

LifeBoat. The purpose of Philippines happening in the first place. Life Boat gave me the opportunity to work at Youth Red Cross in a blood bank facility. I worked at a blood bank from 9 to 2 everyday making a good bunch of local Filipino friends in the process and also learning quite a lot of Biology too. Me, a mechanical engineer(well hopefully atleast), working in a blood bank. I understand the argument of redundancy but to be honest I wouldn't have had it any other way. The amount I've learnt, and not just from a technical point of view, is unbelievable. To date this has been one of the greatest learning curves I've been on, I sincerely believe that life is about a multitude of things and streamlining yourself down to one or even two paths isn't the best way to go about things. And this is a learning that AIESEC has brought to my feet, for which i can only be grateful :)

A Letter to my Roommates

Dearest Rodrigo, Angie, Pau and Austin!

Its quite silly actually, people struggle for years in making companions that even come close to the distinction of "friends" but all it took us was some dinner and some Karaoke. Time flew by effortlessly in the mirage that was Manila. Our SM North and Trinoma adventures in the hunt for cheap food and free water taught us more than just the acquisition of cheap food and free water, we learnt about Philippines together, almost as good as what Christopher Colombus did. The night you guys saw "Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani" with us, I knew you guys would fit into the "Indian Society" seamlessly, especially since you found Deepika Padukone extremely pretty, much like 99.99999%of our country, your unending curiosity to know of the history between Ranbir and Deepika almost annoyed me, but its okay, it just proves that a part of you is Indian, and I dare you to deny that. Waking up to the smell of God knows what you guys would cook, and sleeping to a series of lame jokes I'd crack always made it easier for me.There's no place I'd so easily associate to home in the Philippines than that room upstairs which kept us all warm, comfortable and most importantly, it kept us together. We went face to face with all fears, and learnt so many different lessons in the process, but also subconsciously we made memories that we knew would never fade.

If i had to spend another 41 days in the unknown, I know who I'd take with me.

I love you guys, immensely :)

Love, always,


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Go Venture far beyond the shores

It takes a great deal of bravery to step out of your comfort zone and actually travel in the wilderness with an empty and inquisitive mind not sure what to expect, but having done it once, all I want to say is, I'd do it again. People say that an exchange changes you as a person but I'd say that it doesn't change you as a person per say, but its more of a validation to the person you were becoming before this little escapade, because at the end of the day its the same person who's opened up his mind and perspectives and grabbed at the opportunity in the first place. I've definitely seen alot more, gaining perspective all along the way and adding experience to my years. So be sure to venture far beyond the shores, dont forsake this life of yours...