Cure To Cancer

By: Hannah Densmore Sceince Period. 2

How I Found It

I found the cure by fooling around with some facts and trying to put the puzzle together when I was reading Racing In the Rain. Not only did the book help, but my knowledge on dogs, and having a supporting quiet enviorment. You can try to find one your self even if you tried or didn't try at all like me :)

My theroy/ Potential Cure :)

My theroy is simply dogs. Dogs can smell emotions and sicknesses. So If we can treat dog allergies and take dogs off the t=street putting dog trainers jobs that are well paying we can have everyone to have a dog. Not only will this help your well being, it will make you happy because dogs are known to make people happy and stable. When a dog smells something wrong with you they will bark or do something the dog trainers teach them to signal that you are sick or not well. Later on when our tech. advances we can figure out the medicane cure.

Thanks to Racing In the Rain for helping me make this cure to cancer!

This Will Work!

Dog Problems

Allergies, medical bills, dogs not coaperating, Our Tech, hearing problems, behaveoir problems, depression, family loss, tragityies, death, acting problems, not well trained, to much money, not coaporating with small children or other people and/or guest at your home or any were else, blindess, deafness, smelless, problems eating or drinking, oldness, tragity that effeted them deeply
The Art of Racing in the Rain Video Book Trailer (Extended)
Animated Introduction to Cancer Biology (Full Documentary)


When I tell people that I have found the cure they never believe me because they think I am Laughing, but listin to this, cancer is no laughing matter and any idea is a good idea. You can be like me and not know a thing about cancer then come up with this alaberate idea to cure it, if you put your mind to it you can do it believe me I already have. Put on some music and find out what you want to cure grabs a computer and your ready to try and make your cure some other deasase!