May 23-27

The Buzz in Room 615!

Last Week

We are zipping right through May! Last week was fun and a little off-schedule because of so many special events and things going on in and out of the classroom. We did an hour of free art on Tuesday, saw a 1st Grade chorus concert on Wednesday, and on Thursday there was a Drama Kids performance. Here's a look at what we learned and practiced in each subject last week:

1. Writing - We hardly had any time for writing since most of the performances and other things were in the morning, but what little time we did have to write was spent on persuasive letters. They are really great so far!

2. Reading - More discussion on characters was our focus in reading, comparing and contrasting them among several books and stories as well as learning about whether they were static or dynamic characters. (Whether or not they'll remember those terms or not, I'm not sure. It was just an introduction.)

3. Math - Fact families got off to a good start this week, with most children already having a great understanding of the basic concept after working with number bonds the week before.

4. Science - We spent the week learning about living things that the class voted on, and then making posters about them to share what we learned. We voted on dolphins first and then cheetahs on Wednesday. After that, we spent our time watching videos, reading books, and writing down what we learned in bubble maps and on paper. Next week, we'll continue!

Free Art Day!

Tidbits from our Week

Looking Forward

The Week Ahead

Writing - We will continue to perfect our persuasive writings before moving onto our "My Favorite Things" writings to learn about opinion writing.

Reading - This will be our last week focusing on characters and all the ways we can connect to, learn from, and compare them among texts.

Math - This week (and for the rest of the year), we will keep pushing fact family and addition/subtraction fluency. Some students are still getting the fact family basics down, while others are ready to move on to bigger numbers in their families. No matter where they're at, we're all going to keep getting great practice with all of our basic math!

Science - We will be continuing to research and make posters about various living things.


1. No School Monday

Reminder: There will be no school on Monday the 30th. I hope you all have an awesome Memorial Day!

2. Library Books

Just a reminder that all library books were due Friday, so if you haven't returned them bring them back Monday or you may have to pay for them! Only a few students in our class still need to return them. I have told them if they still owe them.

3. Yearbooks

Yearbooks are still available for $25. If you would like one, send money in with your child and they will be able to get one!

4. End of Year Party

Everyone should have receieved a form about the end of year party on Friday. Please return that by the 31st with the necessary amount of money. Also, I am in charge of finding a few volunteers for serving food that day, Friday the 3rd. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to come help! You will still be able to eat and play games with your child at our designated times. More information about our class activities will be coming home soon.

5. EOGs

The End of Grade tests will be going on in 3rd-5th grade starting sometime next week. During these days, our students will have to remain super quiet all day long, so we will be in our classroom a lot. We will not have Encore on either of the days. Our lunch times will also be different, so if you're planning on coming in for lunch please let me know ahead of time so that I can get you the correct time. Thanks!

6. End of Year Survey

I have attached a google form for you to complete an End-of-Year survey to help me get a better glimpse into the feelings of all of you in regards to your child's Kindergarten experience. It is not required, but would be greatly appreciated. It is annonymous (unless you choose to identify yourself), so be as open and honest as you'd like! It will be available until after the last day of school. Thank you!