A story of Revenge.

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Her Bitter-Sweet Revenge by Michaela Ferris

Her bittersweet revenge
Lingering in your mind.
Those haunting ghostly words
From a girl locked away
from this evil eyed world.

Her haunting ghostly complexion
The cause of all your nightmares.
The blooded knife that fell
And missed you by an inch.
You are too afraid to cry.

The murder in the alley
Your name written in blood.
You know that she is coming,
You're the next one on her list.
She tells you that you best get running.

To her it's all a game
The first one dead wins it all.
But you don't know her secret...
She is a figment of your imagination.
She is that girl you bullied to death.

Her bittersweet revenge
Lingering on your mind.
You made a promise
and never again
Will you make anyone suffer.

So just before you speak a word,
Make sure you know the truth.
This could be your next sin.
You could be her next victim...
The girl you bullied to death.

Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

"Villians!' I shrieked,"dissemble no more! I admit the deed!--tear up the planks!--here,here!--it is the beating of his hideous heart!"

Revenge is Always BitterSweet

Ode to Revenge by Roy Flanagan

When you've your bridges built,
I'll burn them to the ground.
When you've got fruit of labours,
I'll see that those fruits spoil.
When you've got years of living,
I'll have then that clock broke.
When you've got angry neighbours,
I'll lead the vicious mob.
When you find yourself down,
Know that I will shed no tears.
If you think me the antichrist,
Then I shan't disappoint!

Three Days Grace - Pain