Margo Roth Spiegelman

"She loved mysteries so much she became one."

Paper Towns by John Green

Gillian Marshall

Mrs. Butler

Reading 8

14 March 2016

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What She Looks Like:

Margo is 18 years old. She has long, luscious dirty-blonde hair. Her eyes are a beautiful, mesmerizing bluish-green color. She is about 5'5" and skinny and very pretty. She can pass for much older than she really is because of her mature figure.


Margo is the definition of an enigma. No one really understands her and her ways. She will run away from home for a few days and leave clues that no one picks up on that leads to where she is. She enjoys getting into mischief and sneaking around at night. She has an amazing talent for manipulating others into doing things they wouldn't normally do. She grew up with a tough family life; her parents don't really accept her personality.

Her Big Escape:

In the story, Margo runs away, but no one really worries about it because of the fact that she has done it so many times. However, after a week has gone by without a word from Margo, her friend Quentin begins to worry. He looks for clues left behind by Margo that will lead him to where she has gone. The clues Margo leaves are minuscule, but Q is smart and knows just where to look. The novel is based around Q's journey to find Margo and all of the mysterious clues that she has left.