Nov. Tech Resource Newsletter

Great stuff on the Web!

Making Interactive Presentations Students Will Be Excited About

Try Nearpod! This is a great site that has the ability for teachers to create interactive presentations and share them with their students through computer or tablet- no student log-in required! Students enter your class code and then interact with your presentation, by drawing, labeling, answering questions, all with you monitoring their answers. Upload an existing PowerPoint so you don't have to start from scratch!


A unique editing experience

Poetica is a browser-based text editor that lets you give and receive feedback with whoever you choose, in real-time. You can suggest, accept and reject changes that improve your work.

You can create a piece and share it with your students to interact with the piece (either anonymously or through email log-in). Editors have the ability to make suggestions via editing tools and comments.

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Google Forms- Using Flubaroo

Flubaroo may sound funny, but if you haven't checked it out yet, you should!!!! Flubaroo grades your google forms for you! So make tests and quizzes in Google Forms and count your grading days over! Go to this site to find out more and get started!

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No Document Camera? No Problem!

Use your smartphone or tablet as your document camera. Take pictures of documents or students' work and then use software to integrate it onto computer/projector. While many different types of software exists- here are some suggestions!
  1. CamScanner: Install the app on your device, tap a few buttons to adjust, and then the file shows up on the web- ready to share. The software also converts it into pdfs and allows for collaborators.
  2. Use your phone's auto-upload software (the cloud, google drive) and photos you take will display as pictures on your screen.
  3. Other similar functioning apps/ online storage: Evernote, DropBox, etc.
  4. iOS app- JotNot. Use your phone to capture and then upload them to a variety of sources- organize and then edit them.

What is this website?

Smore! Create online flyers and send them out digitally which then can be shared a variety of ways. The site also tracks statistics so you know how much influence the flyer has! It even let me make this survey which I embedded below!