National parks and animal safety

National parks should be protected sincerely a duck

If you see an animal injured somewhere then please put it in a National Park :D

National Parks should be protected because it is the home of native plants and animals and we should not interfere and mess up the National Park so we should protect all National Parks. And killing animals is not acceptable therfore we must protect it sincerely a duck NOT sincerely Shahzeb.Not yet theres alot more also killing dangerous animals is cold blooded murder/cold and cruel never ever do that unless they want to kill you. And they ARE NOT in National parks or zoo's camping may also be dangerous someone said that Black Mamba Snakes that almost teared down his tent said "I THINK IM GOING TO BE POISONED" that can be a warning. Well i hope you know that killing is bad :D.

About National Parks

National Parks are nature they have animals and native plants and also rangers to look after the animals and plants keeps the environment healthy and the soil that the roots hold stops erosian. It holds food keeps air and water clean helps us to learn its is the home for animals thats why it should be protected i hope you now know that you MUST protect National Parks. And it a safe home for native plants.