4th Grade Regions of California

Deserts, mountains, valleys, and oceans

1. What are the different regions of California?

Use the link below to figure out where each region is. Then follow the directions on "The Regions of California" page.

2. What is the state capital?

Sacramento , of course. but what do we know about it? Read about Sacramento on "Spotlight on Sacramento" and answer the questions at the bottom.

Next go online using the link (virtual tours) and take a virtual tour of the capital building since we can't actually go there. After reading through the site, answer the questions below

1. What is the oldest artifact in the capital building?
2. How big is Capital Park?
3. The Senate and Assembly have a color for each of their rooms. What are they?
4. If you could go there, what would yu most like to see and why?

3. Latitude and Longitude

The longitude and latitude help us find every location on Earth. Read how to find out how to use them.
Next go to the website from WorldAtlas and find the coordinates for Lawndale, CA and the locations of these three coordinates.
1. 36° 36' N / 121° 53' W
2. Sacramento, CA
3. 39° 5' N / 120° 1' W

Continue practicing with latitude and longitude by solving the Case of the Missing Millionaires and All Turned Around comic strip on cardinal directions.

4. World map

Where is California in the world? Label the parts or Earth, continents and oceans. If you need help use the link.