Elizabeth Aguilar

Lessons we Learn as the Times Goes by

It is OK to be worried

Grandma Elizabeth Aguilar was born in Los Angeles California. Don't be worried, my grandma was very very worried when she lost her phone she hadn't payed for yet she was very worried she will never find it again about a month later, she still hasn't found her phone but then she realized that she could just buy another phone. That is one of the lessons she has learned.

Life Lessons at the Age 18

Life Lessons

Divorce for the better, When he was married to my grandpa she wasn't able to see our family that much and she was depressed now that she has divorced the man that is in jail now she is much happier than before and spends more time with our family. This is one of the lessons she has learned.

Work Ethics, One important lesson she has learned is taking care of your own priorities and responsibilities like one of her examples are pay your bills on time before doing things that waste money like eating out to very expensive places.

Neveah Goldbach

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