Science Weekly #12

Sharing excellence in science from Horn! 2015-16

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This is a weekly newsletter to highlight exemplary science instruction, student work, writing tips, upcoming TEKS, current science news, and more!

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Per every Alief curriculum guide

It is a district expectation that Alief classrooms will implement with fidelity the use of:

*inquiry-based approach to hands on science and literacy

*quality questioning grounded on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

*formative assessments to monitor understanding and ensure students are on-track to master grade-level TEKS

*language objectives and ELPS strategies that are aligned to science TEKS

*collaborative strategies to promote structured student conversations and scientific argumentation

*academic vocabulary development strategies such as Thinking Maps, vocabulary games, and interactive science word walls

*technology integration to prepare 21st century students for a global society

Horn's Science Lead Teachers 2015-16

K- Marsh

1- Goodman

2- Oldmixon

3- Adams

4- Vega

STEM Science Block-Shipley

What are the 5Es?? How do I use them for science?!

More resources are also in the common and Google in a folder under "Grade Level Resources".

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