North American Natives

What was life like on the other side of the world.

Anasazi Tribe (500-1200) AD

They constructed things like dams, ditches, and canals to capture rain from the tops of Mesa and channel to their gardens. They had houses built out of adobe and stone. Most of the houses were two stories. The heart of the civilization was in Pueblo Bonito which was in Chaco Canyon. From the city they constructed roads for trade. The civilization probably disappeared because of droughts.

Adena Tribe (700-?) BC

Lived in the Ohio valley area. They grew plants like squash, sunflowers, and barley. Made exquisite copper jewelry. Had elaborate burial mounds constructed out of log structures. Many people call them the Eastern Woodlands peoples.

Adena Tribe

Hopewell Tribe (300-?) BC

Began in the Ohio valley around 300 BC. Constructed mounds that were 40 feet high and 100 feet wide. The Hopewell tribe and the Adena tribe are considered the "Mound Builders". From the artifacts found they had an extensive trade network.

Mississippians (800-1,300) AD

Grew plants like maize and beans. They had an increase in population. With this increase in population there was a need for land. When they had more land cities started. Each city had about 10,000 people in them. In the center of Cahokia, the largest city, a massive mound was built. It was about 100 feet high and the base was more than 14 acres.