Spanish american War

Trouble in Cuba

Poor whites, slaves, and free blacks fought too be free from all sorts of slavery. Spain crushed the revolt and tried easing the tensions. Most were sent to concentration camps which were unsanitary, overcrowded, prison camps.

US begins the War

The Spanish remove Weyler from being general and send him back to Spain. The incident of the USS Maine. This ending up in the the De Lome letter to the United States. The USS Maine was a battle ship sunk in the Havana harbor in 1898 That helped rise war with Spain.

"Splendid little War"

The US navy set up their blockade at the end of Cuba, this made Spain enraged so the US army in Cuba let out in various forces. This war cause about 5,500 Americans too die. Then therefor came the Rough Rider a volunteer cavalry made by Theodore Roosevelt. San jaun hill was also in this war it was the key area.

New Power

The image was the clash between us and the Philippines as we held are self's up as they try to take us down. The Platt amendment was a change or provision in the Cuban law. The anti imperialist league was a organization formed during the Spanish american war.